Saturday, September 3, 2011

Past Due

So it seems I am now past due in my pregnancy as well as posting in this space that I really do love.  I could fill this post with all the excuses of why I've been delinquent and attempt to catch up on everything that's happened in the last three months, but instead I'm ruminating on how life is going to change if I ever when I have this new baby.

I do want to back track a bit and talk about life with a two year old.  Two.  It's a magical age.  No really, despite all the irrational behavior a two year old can hurl at you, I am absolutely delighted with seeing the world through Cora's two year old eyes.  How can she still be so tiny (a baby in my mind), yet so big and smart at the same time?  I often feel like I am tiptoeing, and not very gracefully, on a tightrope dividing holding tight to my BABY and helping my TODDLER to independence.

Walking the line has been even more difficult with a HUGE pregnant belly and the reality that soon our arms will have to help both a tiny, totally dependent infant and two year old that definitely still needs to be held, rocked and at times carried...and is also now determined she doesn't require an afternoon nap.

As for the new baby, I can't wait to meet her and am starting to feel a little like she's not going to come on her own.  I'm trying to have patience and the promise of a cold front on the way is making things a BIT more tolerable.  The third trimester of pregnancy coupled with 60 days of triple digit temps has been enough to almost push me over the edge.  IF we do have another baby in the future, we'll definitely try to plan for a nice spring birth.

I'll leave you with some pics from the last few months.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Here Lately

Life is a swirling, whirling dervish as of late.  Things are changing, growing and shifting and there are so many more changes on the horizon.  While all of these changes are very positive, it does seem like the seconds on the clock are ticking off way too quickly to be fully present.  I haven't been getting the camera out much and now here we are and Cora is two months away from her second...that's right SECOND birthday.  Does that officially mean she won't be a baby anymore or has that already happened and I refuse to see it?

Rob changed jobs a few weeks ago after a tenure of over seven years with the same company.  This new opportunity has offered him the chance to transition back into the passion that led the two of us together - cycling.  He has been working so hard with very little time off for the last few weeks and I am so proud of him.  We'll get through this little adjustment period just fine and then I'm sure things will settle down.

And speaking of major life changes, this baby girl is growing so quickly she'll be here before we know it.

 So here are snippets that I have managed to capture with the camera in the last few weeks.
Mother's Day Walk

It was absolutely so hot and humid this day.  We did see tons of butterflies, birds and even a snake on our walk. 

Who needs a bathtub when you have a big silver bucket???  Just kidding, we don't really bathe Cora in this although she'd probably be all for it. 

The garden is really taking off.  I've been plucking lettuce out of this box since March and it doesn't look like it is going to slow down anytime soon.  I'm hoping to be able to shade this little section in the hot, hot weeks so it will keep producing.  Nothing like just walking outside when you want some crisp romaine for a sandwich. 

Precious little baby squash!  My plants are littered with them and I can't wait to make some squash casserole.  I really can't believe I just typed that last sentence, that stuff used to make me gag when I was younger.  Cora plucked one of these little dudes off the vine the other day.  She was so excited about it that I really couldn't get mad.  I'll just keep directing her back to the lettuce. 

This little jewel of a blossom will soon be a japanese eggplant.  The growth alone in the last few days is impressive.  This will roast up nicely for some asian eggplant dip.  

These two are thick as thieves these days.  The following pics were taken on different days ( day no pants, the next day no shirt....she is getting into the naked phase and especially loves taking her diaper off).  This dog will melt your heart one second and have you seething with anger the next.   Too bad the book "Marley and Me" has already been written because "Yeti and Me" could have rivaled it.  A few weekends ago I made some sourdough garlic and parmesan croutons to top off a salad with lettuce grown from the garden.  It was going to be an epic, beautiful salad that I was carrying to a potluck down the street.  I turned my head for a nano second and the dog had the bag off the counter, on the floor and consumed.  Ugh!

For the last few years my mother-in-law has graciously loaned me her 1970's Singer.  I treated myself to a new Singer machine the other day and have since been sewing up a storm.  Below is Cora's big girl bed quilt I am working on (there will be a baby quilt to match).  It isn't even finished and she loves it!  She likes to dance on all the squares and roll around on it.  Of course I dream of her taking this to college with her one day but there is no telling what will be cool by then.  

Last Sunday we celebrated our seventh anniversary with a wonderful date night.  The evening started out a little shaky with our waiter breaking my water glass right in front of me (we were romantically sitting on the same side of the booth so we both got pretty wet).  We both joked that we hope that wasn't some sort of sign of the year to come.  Number seven is lucky though, right?  I certainly feel lucky to have such a wonderful husband that is an awesome partner and dad.  

FINALLY!  A triumphant carrot!  Not sure how many we'll get but they sure are tasty.  Oh, and see those bamboo poles in the background?  Those started out as 30 foot pieces of bamboo on the side of the road.  How we acquired them and got them home is a whole different blog post.  This year we're going to try training the tomatoes up a string.  

See?  I told you she was into taking her clothes off these days.  

Saturday, May 7, 2011

For Mom

Mother's Day 2010

Dear Mom, 

Even though 239 miles separates us on this Mother's Day, I think we are closer than we've ever been.  In the last two years, my child's heart has transformed into that of a mother's and I feel deeply what surely you've felt for me - undying, unrelenting, unconditional love.   I now share the care and concern for Cora and the little sweet pea on the way that you've carried with you for Wes and me these past thirty-three years.  What an amazing gift maternal love is, both to receive and give.   

I'm lucky that you are but a phone call away when I need more than my motherly instincts to rely on.  I'm lucky that I get to see you love my child in the same ways you loved me.  I'm lucky that you shaped my life so greatly and selflessly poured your time and energy into your children.  

Now I am more aware of the clash of joy and heartache that comes with seeing your child grow into her own life.  Motherhood seems to be one long exercise in letting go, even from the start.  I feel like I've already had to let go of so much in these short 22 months:  downy baby hair that tickled my nose as I breathed her heavenly scent in, carrying her everywhere she goes and cradling her as I fed her numerous times per day.  I can't even fathom the things that I'll have to let go of in the next 22 years. 

But I suppose there is also much to be gained in all the letting go, like hopefully seeing my own daughter lose her child's heart to motherhood and having you by my side to share in the joy of a new generation.  I miss you and love you on this Mother's Day.  Thank you for all that you have been, and all that you will be. 


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Toes in the Sand

Admittedly, a post about an adventure more than 8 weeks after it has happened will be lacking in vivid details.  So, for my own remembrances, here's a picture post.
Cora is checking out the banner outside of a museum documenting Katrina destruction.  This was on our brief overnight through New Orleans.  Her innocence clutching her little bear is quite the contrast from this heavy picture.  I do love that  this photo captures the work of a rescue/recovery worker at the intersection of Humanity St.  Wonder if this was a coincidence?
Taking in the beauty of Jackson Square.  I think she is pointing at the green striped awning ahead which is Cafe du Monde.  She must have seen all the powdered sugar on the floor as we walked by.

A long drive the day before and an iffy night's sleep on the floor of church Sunday school room led to one tuckered out little lady. 

Ahhh, toes in the sand at last.  This beach/island is simply brilliant.  It offers a view of the Gulf of Mexico sans all the offshore drilling rigs you'll see to the west.  Camping here for a week was wonderful. 

Exploring historic Ft. Pickens with Dad.  We had an amazing view of the Blue Angels practicing from here.  When the planes would roar overhead Cora was excited but would also duck down as if they were going to graze the top of her head.  

Even though we were at the beach, temps were still a little chilly.  Nothing like a Grammy-made sweater to keep the cold  away.

This kiddo has finally taken to wearing sunglasses, although she calls them "cool girl glasses".  She had fun lounging with our youth group at the beach and joining in their play.

So much to explore with eyes and hands.   Right near our campsite were two HUGE heron nests.  Watching them swoop in and out was magnificent.

We drove back to the mainland to do some hiking among towering live oaks (we were thwarted by a controlled burn).  After a directional change we stumbled upon the bay side of things where there just happened to be a large rope swing calling all of us to do acrobatics.  Even the pregnant lady had a very small swing.  The bay side was calm and shallow which Cora enjoyed.

NIght after night we got to snuggle with this sweet lady.  Pretty soon she is going to need her own sleeping bag.

I wish life was this simple all the time....sigh.

This is definitely a place everyone should visit.  Nothing like a few miles of undeveloped beach and a gentle tide to ground you to the earth. 

Beach Walk from Courtney Green on Vimeo.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Candid Camera

I'm totally delinquent on my report from our camping trip at Gulf Islands National Seashore.  Coming soon, I promise.  For now, I will leave you with something we have been trying to capture on camera for a while...Cora's ABC's.  Thanks to Elmo and India Arie, Cora loves to sing the ABC's.  I think she would have kept repeating a la "This is the Song that Doesn't End", but she busted Rob with the camera.  Please excuse the yogurt bomb that went off just prior to filming. 

ABC's from Courtney Green on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Different Kind of Seedling

A couple of weeks ago I planted some spinach, mixed lettuces, arugula, carrots, and romaine.  Last year I grew everything from seedlings I bought at the farmer's market but nothing from seed.  Other than a few flowers I've started from seed, this will be a whole new experience and I have no idea what I'm doing.  

I've been keeping my soil moist each day and looking for minuscule signs of future leafy goodness.  Those seeds are so tiny it really is hard to believe that they are capable of anything, but they are starting to peek out of the soil in anticipation of early March sun. 

Doesn't look like much but I'm incredibly optimistic.

In other news, we're also working on growing a completely different kind of seedling.  One that takes a long time to grow and completely changes your life after harvest. 

Back in mid December I began to have some "feelings" that I might be expecting.  On Christmas morning when I almost saw my breakfast casserole for the second time that day I was 99% sure there was something other than indigestion going on in there, but on Christmas morning in Pampa, TX there wasn't any place to pick up a pregnancy test to be sure.  The day after Christmas Rob snuck out of the house to snag a digital pregnancy test (hey, the ones with the lines can be faint!) and there was no mistaking the result that said "Pregnant".  We were thrilled and immediately told our family we had one more gift for everyone.   

The last few months have been a little on the rough side as far as morning  twenty-four hour sickness goes.  Oh, and the first trimester exhaustion, sheesh!  Hence my lengthy absences from the blog.  Clinging to the couch trying not to heave has been a bigger priority lately.  Luckily, I think I'm turning a corner but every now and then a tsunami wave of nausea washes over me that is impossible to escape.  It's been a very different experience so far from my pregnancy with Cora,  so I'm thinking maybe it's a boy? 

Last week my belly just popped on out and now any sucking-in of the stomach efforts are futile...and I still have a loooooong way to go.  This little sprout/sproutette should make an appearance around the first of September.  Rob and I are so excited and trying to wrap our minds around caring for TWO little ones.  Cora has no idea at this point, but as soon as my belly starts getting bigger and we know if the baby is a boy or a girl (I think we are going to find out this time!) we'll start looking at some books with her and trying to explain a little.  Here's to another  growing season! 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Okie Blizzard Recap

So, this is so totally old news to like, the entire world, but lest we soon forget, all our winter weather was condensed into two intense weeks.  It was certainly big news in Okieland.  A huge blizzard followed by record low temps for days was too much for our state's infrastructure.  The entirety of Oklahoma celebrated almost a full week of canceled school, closed roads, frozen pipes, minor roof collapses, and a whoooole lot of sweet time at home to snuggle in and just be.  Ahh....bliss. 

We normally only get the ice and not all the delicious powdery stuff.  Isn't it lovely?

 Let it be known that my husband likes has to get outside everyday.  What is just a little cabin fever to normal folk is like a full on death-bed raging viral monster to him.  He found ways to exercise outside everyday. 
 Me?  I preferred to hang with Miss Piggy Tails in my jammies for the majority of the day and relish in the fact that there was absolutely nowhere to be but here and nothing to do but whatever we felt like in the moment. 
 Part of my snowpocalypse plan was to bake/cook/eat as many delicious things as possible.  First up on the menu...English muffins.  I went into it with a halfhearted attitude.  I feared my drafty 1950's kitchen on a negative 20 day would equal NO RISE!.  Well, my oven set to warm proved to be just the perfect resting place for these babies and they puffed up just perfectly.  After the rise, these are cooked in the cast iron skillet and are DELISH!  My final product was a little misshapen but that didn't affect the taste. 

On day five of our winter adventure the sun finally made an appearance and the mercury lept up out of the neg's.  We hit the slopes park for some sledding.  It was the most beautiful, glittery day.  Everything dazzled in the brilliance of the sun. 

After sledding Cora was tuckered out and mama and daddy took the chance to build a frosty and a snowdog while she snoozed away.  Our neighborhood was a village of fun snow people until Mr. Golden Sun reduced them to slumping piles of accessorized sticks. 

I'm thankful for the winter adventure we had....but come on spring....we're ready!!!  And now, for a couple of fun videos (sorry about the size of the small one).

Sled 1 from Courtney Green on Vimeo.

Sled 2 from Courtney Green on Vimeo.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Relentless January

Wow, a whopping two posts so far in January.  There is a lot swirling around in life right now preventing me from getting to the computer more often, including a comfy couch to retreat to after the baby toddler is down each evening.  I've probably watched more DVD's this month than I did all of last year.  Spring, are you ever going to get here?  The last few teaser days were awesome but the gloom and doom forecast for next week is just too depressing to even think about.  How is it possible to go from a high of 79 degrees to a low of 6 degrees in just a matter or days. 

Dear January bestowed several colds and a bout of double pink eye on the Green household.  I've managed to avoid both, which is a miracle considering I've had a passenger assigned to the seat on my left hip for many, many days in January seeking motherly comfort.  There was a particularly rough four day stint that was both sweet and suffocating all at once. 

So what's new::

Cora has taken up baby yoga.

And scrabble.  Rob and I have also been playing a lot of scrabble with each other and friends this month.

I learned to bake some sandwichable bread which Cora calls "Mama Bread" and I've sketched out our garden for the spring (yea seeds have arrived from Johnny's!).  I'm still keeping it small this year but would really like to expand for the future.  Can't believe that carrots, spinach and lettuces will go in the ground in the next few weeks.    

I'm anxious to see what February holds.  She's going to be off to a cruel start but perhaps things will start looking up in the next few weeks.  Here's to everyone out there just trying to get through winter!