Thursday, May 5, 2011

Toes in the Sand

Admittedly, a post about an adventure more than 8 weeks after it has happened will be lacking in vivid details.  So, for my own remembrances, here's a picture post.
Cora is checking out the banner outside of a museum documenting Katrina destruction.  This was on our brief overnight through New Orleans.  Her innocence clutching her little bear is quite the contrast from this heavy picture.  I do love that  this photo captures the work of a rescue/recovery worker at the intersection of Humanity St.  Wonder if this was a coincidence?
Taking in the beauty of Jackson Square.  I think she is pointing at the green striped awning ahead which is Cafe du Monde.  She must have seen all the powdered sugar on the floor as we walked by.

A long drive the day before and an iffy night's sleep on the floor of church Sunday school room led to one tuckered out little lady. 

Ahhh, toes in the sand at last.  This beach/island is simply brilliant.  It offers a view of the Gulf of Mexico sans all the offshore drilling rigs you'll see to the west.  Camping here for a week was wonderful. 

Exploring historic Ft. Pickens with Dad.  We had an amazing view of the Blue Angels practicing from here.  When the planes would roar overhead Cora was excited but would also duck down as if they were going to graze the top of her head.  

Even though we were at the beach, temps were still a little chilly.  Nothing like a Grammy-made sweater to keep the cold  away.

This kiddo has finally taken to wearing sunglasses, although she calls them "cool girl glasses".  She had fun lounging with our youth group at the beach and joining in their play.

So much to explore with eyes and hands.   Right near our campsite were two HUGE heron nests.  Watching them swoop in and out was magnificent.

We drove back to the mainland to do some hiking among towering live oaks (we were thwarted by a controlled burn).  After a directional change we stumbled upon the bay side of things where there just happened to be a large rope swing calling all of us to do acrobatics.  Even the pregnant lady had a very small swing.  The bay side was calm and shallow which Cora enjoyed.

NIght after night we got to snuggle with this sweet lady.  Pretty soon she is going to need her own sleeping bag.

I wish life was this simple all the time....sigh.

This is definitely a place everyone should visit.  Nothing like a few miles of undeveloped beach and a gentle tide to ground you to the earth. 

Beach Walk from Courtney Green on Vimeo.

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  1. I am so glad to see a new post. The pictures are wonderful and I love the cool girl glasses. Glad you had such a winderful time and wish I had been there with you.