Monday, May 31, 2010

I Have Enough

It is a little awkward for me to write this story because it requires that I make a somewhat embarrassing admission.  I think about winning the lottery.  Not excessively, not even often, but on occasion I have the thought that winning the lottery would be one big easy button for everything that would make us happy, and that Rob and I would be really good stewards of humanity if our bank roll was extra fat.  NEWSFLASH COURTNEY, winning the lottery will NOT bring you happiness and you are ALREADY equipped to be a good steward of humanity.  Bank accounts in a league that mingle with Buffet and Gates are not required to help those around you.   

Last week, I needed to deposit some checks so I ran across the street.  It was a Wednesday to be exact.  I was sort of hungry for a snack, or something to drink, so when I deposited the checks I also got a crisp, new five dollar bill.  I thought I might drop into the corner market for a snack and maybe pick up a powerball ticket while I was at it (please understand, I NEVER play the lottery even though I think about winning it, and Rob really doesn't like the lottery at all so he never plays either, it was just a random decision).

Well, as I was headed down the street to the corner store I ran smack dab into a homeless man that frequents our church for Sunday evening meals.  He very politely asked how I was doing, and even asked about Cora saying he couldn't believe how big she was getting.  We made small talk for a second and then he asked if had any spare change.  I peeked in my wallet and my crisp five dollar bill made me ashamed.  How dare I even think that I don't have "enough" when there is a man in front of me in ragged clothes with two stubby cigarettes over his ears he's probably dug out of some ashtray and will eek out every last bit of nicotine he can.

I told him I didn't have any change but I had a five and he insisted that was too much.  I insisted he take it.  In the course of our conversation he told me about how he'd just lost his transitional housing and so had his buddy and he was now staying down by the river.  He'd been lucky enough to get a tent but his friend hadn't and they really needed one.  Our youth group has several old tents that don't make it on our journeys anymore so I had him meet me after church so I could give him one.

I've been in need of a good dose of perspective these days.  I have enough.  More than enough, and I am called to share.         

Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Baby can Read

Well, not exactly.  But she does love books.  I know this is nothing new, and my baby is not the first or only baby to love books.  I do, however, find it amazing that babies are capable of loving books even though they can't read. 

I starting reading to Cora pretty much right after we got home from the hospital.  It started with a black and white photography book on dogs.  I admit, at first it felt totally weird reading to a teeny tiny package that really couldn't even make out the pictures.  But, I kept on, mainly because I wanted to make it a habit. 

Fast forward just a few months and she was already turning pages, albeit a bit too fast for my liking.  I took to memorizing books so that I could keep the story flowing even though she was just content to flip, flip, flip. 

Now, she actually seems engaged in what is on each page, and the page flipping has slowed so that we can usually read a whole page before scooting to the next.  We are starting to get into some identification by pointing, and it is absolutely thrilling!  I see now that reading from the beginning is certainly not fruitless, and now it is more than just a habit, it is a treasured time by ALL in our family.  Well, except the dog, he usually just wants to eat the books.

I remember my mom reading "The Boxcar Children" to me and I can't wait to read that one to Cora.  I was completely fascinated by the idea that these kids lived completely on their own in a boxcar with thrifted treasures such as Benny's pink cup. 

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bed Buddies

I got the brilliant idea to put Cora and Yeti in the crib together for some pictures...what?  It's sweet, right?  Anyway, I couldn't get either of them to pose and then Yeti got distracted by the mobile and wanted to eat it, oh well, they're still cute. 

Friday, May 28, 2010

New Favorite Thing

I think I promised  some crawling videos a while back and never posted them.  Well, now we are on to cruising and Cora loves it.  Our long hallway has become a track.  She'll walk to one end of the hall and hit the wall, then you turn her around and she walks to other end, and then wants to do it again.  I think she did about seven laps before dinner last night. 

Grammy and Popo got her this darling little push cart for Christmas and I remembered thinking that it would be FOREVER before she could use it.  Well, I guess forever isn't so long after all.

Walky Walky from Courtney Green on Vimeo.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cookie Monster

I turned my head for two seconds and this was what happened. I was even holding her. She swiped the warm gooey hershey kiss right from the freshly baked cookie in my hand. I think she likes chocolate.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Love you Dearly

I. LOVE. YOU.  I love this picture because it absolutely captures your truest nature in an element you love best.  PEACEFUL.JOYFUL.CONTENT.  Your arms are open to the world and others around you, and the sweet twinkle in your eyes shows your regard for humanity.  You are always ready for adventure.    
We’ve been together eight years - married six - and I still have moments when I feel like a giddy twenty-two year old newlywed.  You always find ways of reminding me that I’m your special beloved. 
I don’t differentiate my life before you, or after you anymore; it seems like you have always been a part of my life and belong as naturally as my own blood family.  I think I can speak for my family when I say they feel the same too.
I already have so many treasured memories that I can’t imagine what the next six years will bring.  Often, my mind meanders in and around some of our adventures together and I am filled with bliss.  

On this day, this moment, it felt like we were the only two people in the world.  Open and exposed to the expansive rock around us, yet simultaneously hugged by it.  Sitting on that ledge in silence, time stood still and I felt connected to you at the core.  I didn’t want that moment to end, and when I really think about it, it hasn’t.  There are just more distractions and junk to contend with, but we wade through it, and find ourselves always back in that moment. 
Happy Anniversary.       

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Two scenes from our very old and worn front porch.  A porch that needs some TLC but one that I love very much. 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Signs of Life

On Saturday morning Rob and I ambled around in the front yard ogling all of our baby plants.  This unusual Oklahoma spring that is hovering below season averages hasn't done much to promote a growth spurt in our little seedlings, but just in the last few days we've seen some signs of encouragement. 
Future cucumber.

Eager to adorn an entree'.

Tomato tee pees!

This is all one big experiment; we've absolutely no idea what we're doing.  Hopefully we can keep these bitties alive long enough to taste some of their sun fueled goodness.  I've been reading about pruning tomato suckers, but I need to figure out which ones the suckers are.  Probably the two pajama pant clad amateurs ambling around ogling plants!

Also, check out mother nature's pearls on our Blue Atlas Cedar.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Grammy's gone and the house is a WRECK!

Come back Grammy!

There are times when I really wish my parents lived here or at least a little closer.  Four hours of highway between us doesn't seem like a lot, but it keeps us from seeing each other as often as we'd like.  But, I'm starting to realize there is an upside to living away from each other.  One of those being extended visits. 

If we lived in the same town as each other we probably wouldn't have the fun overnighters and late night conversations including both laughter and tears.  I love the extended time together that we get when Mom and Dad come to town, and I know Cora loves it too.

I already miss both of you and had so much fun these past two weeks.

P.S.  This house isn't too bad, Mom, but definitely not as neat as when you were here!

Monday, May 10, 2010

In Oklahoma we don't have Hurricane Parties

We have tornado parties.  We are fortunate to live in a tight knit neighborhood and even more fortunate that  our neighbors have a nice, safe basement they graciously shared. 

In all seriousness, though, I'm incredibly sorry for the lost lives and homes in this multiple tornado outbreak.  As of this writing, four fatalities have been confirmed, and from the looks of the damage, there may be more.  May peace and the comfort wash over those affected in the coming days and weeks.  Oklahomans, let's put our arms around each other.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Naptime or Gym Class?

Have I mentioned that Cora is mobile?  I'll get a video of her new physical skills up pronto.  Cora is crawling, pulling up,and doing all kinds of gymnastics these days, especially in her crib.  Recently Rob lowered her crib to lowest setting after too many episodes like this. 

Last weekend while Cora was supposed to be sleeping I heard a "thunk-a thunk-a thunk-a thunk-a" over the monitor and went to peek in on her.  She had pulled up on the crib and was bouncing like a maniac.  When she saw me at the door, she cracked a huge smile underneath her binky and it cracked me up.  She paused for one second and then went right back to "thunk-a thunk-a thunk-a thunk-a".  I could tell she was so pleased with herself.