Thursday, February 24, 2011

Okie Blizzard Recap

So, this is so totally old news to like, the entire world, but lest we soon forget, all our winter weather was condensed into two intense weeks.  It was certainly big news in Okieland.  A huge blizzard followed by record low temps for days was too much for our state's infrastructure.  The entirety of Oklahoma celebrated almost a full week of canceled school, closed roads, frozen pipes, minor roof collapses, and a whoooole lot of sweet time at home to snuggle in and just be.  Ahh....bliss. 

We normally only get the ice and not all the delicious powdery stuff.  Isn't it lovely?

 Let it be known that my husband likes has to get outside everyday.  What is just a little cabin fever to normal folk is like a full on death-bed raging viral monster to him.  He found ways to exercise outside everyday. 
 Me?  I preferred to hang with Miss Piggy Tails in my jammies for the majority of the day and relish in the fact that there was absolutely nowhere to be but here and nothing to do but whatever we felt like in the moment. 
 Part of my snowpocalypse plan was to bake/cook/eat as many delicious things as possible.  First up on the menu...English muffins.  I went into it with a halfhearted attitude.  I feared my drafty 1950's kitchen on a negative 20 day would equal NO RISE!.  Well, my oven set to warm proved to be just the perfect resting place for these babies and they puffed up just perfectly.  After the rise, these are cooked in the cast iron skillet and are DELISH!  My final product was a little misshapen but that didn't affect the taste. 

On day five of our winter adventure the sun finally made an appearance and the mercury lept up out of the neg's.  We hit the slopes park for some sledding.  It was the most beautiful, glittery day.  Everything dazzled in the brilliance of the sun. 

After sledding Cora was tuckered out and mama and daddy took the chance to build a frosty and a snowdog while she snoozed away.  Our neighborhood was a village of fun snow people until Mr. Golden Sun reduced them to slumping piles of accessorized sticks. 

I'm thankful for the winter adventure we had....but come on spring....we're ready!!!  And now, for a couple of fun videos (sorry about the size of the small one).

Sled 1 from Courtney Green on Vimeo.

Sled 2 from Courtney Green on Vimeo.