Saturday, September 3, 2011

Past Due

So it seems I am now past due in my pregnancy as well as posting in this space that I really do love.  I could fill this post with all the excuses of why I've been delinquent and attempt to catch up on everything that's happened in the last three months, but instead I'm ruminating on how life is going to change if I ever when I have this new baby.

I do want to back track a bit and talk about life with a two year old.  Two.  It's a magical age.  No really, despite all the irrational behavior a two year old can hurl at you, I am absolutely delighted with seeing the world through Cora's two year old eyes.  How can she still be so tiny (a baby in my mind), yet so big and smart at the same time?  I often feel like I am tiptoeing, and not very gracefully, on a tightrope dividing holding tight to my BABY and helping my TODDLER to independence.

Walking the line has been even more difficult with a HUGE pregnant belly and the reality that soon our arms will have to help both a tiny, totally dependent infant and two year old that definitely still needs to be held, rocked and at times carried...and is also now determined she doesn't require an afternoon nap.

As for the new baby, I can't wait to meet her and am starting to feel a little like she's not going to come on her own.  I'm trying to have patience and the promise of a cold front on the way is making things a BIT more tolerable.  The third trimester of pregnancy coupled with 60 days of triple digit temps has been enough to almost push me over the edge.  IF we do have another baby in the future, we'll definitely try to plan for a nice spring birth.

I'll leave you with some pics from the last few months.

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