Saturday, May 7, 2011

For Mom

Mother's Day 2010

Dear Mom, 

Even though 239 miles separates us on this Mother's Day, I think we are closer than we've ever been.  In the last two years, my child's heart has transformed into that of a mother's and I feel deeply what surely you've felt for me - undying, unrelenting, unconditional love.   I now share the care and concern for Cora and the little sweet pea on the way that you've carried with you for Wes and me these past thirty-three years.  What an amazing gift maternal love is, both to receive and give.   

I'm lucky that you are but a phone call away when I need more than my motherly instincts to rely on.  I'm lucky that I get to see you love my child in the same ways you loved me.  I'm lucky that you shaped my life so greatly and selflessly poured your time and energy into your children.  

Now I am more aware of the clash of joy and heartache that comes with seeing your child grow into her own life.  Motherhood seems to be one long exercise in letting go, even from the start.  I feel like I've already had to let go of so much in these short 22 months:  downy baby hair that tickled my nose as I breathed her heavenly scent in, carrying her everywhere she goes and cradling her as I fed her numerous times per day.  I can't even fathom the things that I'll have to let go of in the next 22 years. 

But I suppose there is also much to be gained in all the letting go, like hopefully seeing my own daughter lose her child's heart to motherhood and having you by my side to share in the joy of a new generation.  I miss you and love you on this Mother's Day.  Thank you for all that you have been, and all that you will be. 


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  1. You have summed up the pain of letting go pretty well. It is very difficult and you never fully let go. The wonderrful thing that happens is that the pain is softened by the joy of seeing your child growing into a mature, independent, responsible, loving, and caring person. Life is definitely bitter sweet, but without the bitter we would never know how truly delicious the sweet can be. There is no greater pride than seeing your daughter mature into a beautiful woman and mother. I am so very proud of you.
    Happy Mother's Day right back at you.
    p.s. You made me cry.