Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Signs of Life

On Saturday morning Rob and I ambled around in the front yard ogling all of our baby plants.  This unusual Oklahoma spring that is hovering below season averages hasn't done much to promote a growth spurt in our little seedlings, but just in the last few days we've seen some signs of encouragement. 
Future cucumber.

Eager to adorn an entree'.

Tomato tee pees!

This is all one big experiment; we've absolutely no idea what we're doing.  Hopefully we can keep these bitties alive long enough to taste some of their sun fueled goodness.  I've been reading about pruning tomato suckers, but I need to figure out which ones the suckers are.  Probably the two pajama pant clad amateurs ambling around ogling plants!

Also, check out mother nature's pearls on our Blue Atlas Cedar.

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  1. Love it Courtney! My one wish in life is to have a vegetable garden! I hope to do it one day, yours is certainly looking great!