Saturday, May 22, 2010

Love you Dearly

I. LOVE. YOU.  I love this picture because it absolutely captures your truest nature in an element you love best.  PEACEFUL.JOYFUL.CONTENT.  Your arms are open to the world and others around you, and the sweet twinkle in your eyes shows your regard for humanity.  You are always ready for adventure.    
We’ve been together eight years - married six - and I still have moments when I feel like a giddy twenty-two year old newlywed.  You always find ways of reminding me that I’m your special beloved. 
I don’t differentiate my life before you, or after you anymore; it seems like you have always been a part of my life and belong as naturally as my own blood family.  I think I can speak for my family when I say they feel the same too.
I already have so many treasured memories that I can’t imagine what the next six years will bring.  Often, my mind meanders in and around some of our adventures together and I am filled with bliss.  

On this day, this moment, it felt like we were the only two people in the world.  Open and exposed to the expansive rock around us, yet simultaneously hugged by it.  Sitting on that ledge in silence, time stood still and I felt connected to you at the core.  I didn’t want that moment to end, and when I really think about it, it hasn’t.  There are just more distractions and junk to contend with, but we wade through it, and find ourselves always back in that moment. 
Happy Anniversary.       

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  1. Thank you for the kind loving words and a wonderful weekend celebrating our six years of marriage. I love you dearly. I too treasure every moment of peace and tranquility with you. It is much needed sometimes and I wouldn’t choose to spend it with anyone but you and our dear daughter.

    Yes, Yeti can join us in a little bit…

    I love you.