Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Baby can Read

Well, not exactly.  But she does love books.  I know this is nothing new, and my baby is not the first or only baby to love books.  I do, however, find it amazing that babies are capable of loving books even though they can't read. 

I starting reading to Cora pretty much right after we got home from the hospital.  It started with a black and white photography book on dogs.  I admit, at first it felt totally weird reading to a teeny tiny package that really couldn't even make out the pictures.  But, I kept on, mainly because I wanted to make it a habit. 

Fast forward just a few months and she was already turning pages, albeit a bit too fast for my liking.  I took to memorizing books so that I could keep the story flowing even though she was just content to flip, flip, flip. 

Now, she actually seems engaged in what is on each page, and the page flipping has slowed so that we can usually read a whole page before scooting to the next.  We are starting to get into some identification by pointing, and it is absolutely thrilling!  I see now that reading from the beginning is certainly not fruitless, and now it is more than just a habit, it is a treasured time by ALL in our family.  Well, except the dog, he usually just wants to eat the books.

I remember my mom reading "The Boxcar Children" to me and I can't wait to read that one to Cora.  I was completely fascinated by the idea that these kids lived completely on their own in a boxcar with thrifted treasures such as Benny's pink cup. 


  1. Keep reading. Not only is the reading good but the time snuggled together is wonderful. I enjoyed reading to Cora while I was there. It was one of my favorite times with her and also with you.

  2. I love the "Boxcar Children"! Can't wait to read it again.