Saturday, May 1, 2010

Naptime or Gym Class?

Have I mentioned that Cora is mobile?  I'll get a video of her new physical skills up pronto.  Cora is crawling, pulling up,and doing all kinds of gymnastics these days, especially in her crib.  Recently Rob lowered her crib to lowest setting after too many episodes like this. 

Last weekend while Cora was supposed to be sleeping I heard a "thunk-a thunk-a thunk-a thunk-a" over the monitor and went to peek in on her.  She had pulled up on the crib and was bouncing like a maniac.  When she saw me at the door, she cracked a huge smile underneath her binky and it cracked me up.  She paused for one second and then went right back to "thunk-a thunk-a thunk-a thunk-a".  I could tell she was so pleased with herself. 


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