Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Savoring Summer

It's been too quiet too long on the blogfront, but we've been soaking up some mild summer rays as the season comes to an end.  The oppressive Okie heat that chokes you with muggy swarms of sticky air has retreated (probably not permanently) and we've been out frolicking with pre-fall exuberance.

Our long holiday was full of play, family and friends.  Just the refresher we needed.  We took Cora on her first long bike ride with a brigade of babes in trailers.  Riding next to Rob out on the open road was a foreign feeling.  Since becoming a parent, the luxury of long rides has been few and far between and it was fun to be out together.  Long is a relative term here since baby was in tow (she probably wouldn't be happy for more than an hour), but I'll take an hour ride around a lake with the family any day!

Saturday night Grammy and Popo strolled into town for a too quick layover.  They've been out east visiting my Momo and Popo and broke their trip up with an overnighter at our place.  Popo and Cora had some fun playing in the backyard.  They were here for less than 24 hours which is definitely not long enough!  Come back!
Have I ever told you that this kid likes watermelon?  I was cutting some up to take to the pool (which turned into the splash pad after realizing it had already closed) and she couldn't wait until we got there to enjoy it.  So she had a piece before we left and at least two more LARGE pieces at the splash pad.  She probably would've eaten five more pieces had we let her.

As summer wraps up (which will be a slow process in Oklahoma) I sense little bits of fall here and there.  The winds are promising cooler temps; brittle leaves weary of our long dry summer dot the ground, and October rains are waiting at September's back door.

My eyes will be peeled for the minutiae of magical autumnal changes.  The miracle of it never diminishes.

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  1. Yay for Cora's long ride! How fun! I am sure she will get used to it and love it! Allison is a great little running buddy and goes up to 13 miles in her stroller, but I know it is a lot more open than a bike trailer. I am glad you all got to get out as a family though. How fun.
    Allison LOVES watermelon too. I do too. We will probably have withdrawals after Friday. Every week I buy a delicious yellow watermelon at our farmer's market. I have a sneaking suspicion that last week's might have been our last. We gobble it up all too quickly! Hope it is cooling off there a bit. It comes and goes here.