Friday, August 27, 2010

Hair Days

The last two weeks have been fraught with transitions, home remodeling, sickness, more sickness, and oh, did I mention sickness?  So far (I'm completely playing with fire here) I have been the only one in the family to avoid the evil little norovirus.  Tiny little stomach growls currently bring about a certain paranoia in me making me wonder if I should run for the hills, and I've been thinking about what I'm eating lately in the context of if it is something I could be ok with seeing again later.  Gross.  I know.  But true.

Despite all our tummy bugs, including one for the dog, we have managed to have some fun around here.  Last weekend we went to the pool with some friends and Cora wore herself out wading around in the large baby pool.  It was a new experience to walk with so much resistance.  We were there with another kiddo her age and they took turns kerplooshing their sweet baby booties in the shallow water.  It took them a bit to get the staying upright with gentle waves down and they were so cute.  Of course I didn't have my camera!

When we got home, we fed Cora a snack and put her down for a nap around 4 p.m.  At 5, we started to get dinner ready and still no stirring from Cora.  At 6 we made dinner and made a little noise to try and wake her but still nothing.  At 7, after we had finished our dinner we wondered if she was going to wake up at all or just sleep right through until morning.  We finally woke her up to give her some dinner and the combination of sunscreen from our previous swim and a deep sleep nap led to some awesome hipster baby hair.

I figured that she wouldn't go to bed until about 10 or later because of such a long evening nap, but the kiddo was ready to return to slumberland just a bit after dinner.  There is nothing like the the tired you feel after a day at the pool when you are a kid.

Speaking of hair, our dog has had quite the 'dos these days.

See those specks on top of his head?  No, those little specks aren't lice or any other kind of sick parasite.  They are grains.  His favorite place to park it for dinner time is right under Cora's high chair, which we usually don't mind, except when we are having any type of grain.  Both of these pictures were snapped in the same week but not on the same night.  The first is curried cous cous and the second is just plain rice.  He looks like a Brillo pad after a hard core pot scrubbing session, and believe me, the grains are just as difficult to get out of his hair as they are to get out of a sponge.  Sometimes we find little pieces of hardened rice in various parts of his coat days later.  Gross.  I know.  But true.

I can't tell you how many times it has been gross, I know, but true around our house last week.  Keeping my fingers crossed for a better weekend.


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