Friday, September 10, 2010

A Fair Affair

Last night after dinner we loaded up the wagon and headed for the County Fair.  In all the time that I've lived in Norman, I haven't attended this event.  Somehow it always gets overshadowed by the oh so glorious State Fair (which admittedly I think I've only been to twice, so this really isn't a valid excuse).  My ideas about what constitutes entertainment have changed greatly since having kids.  We now forgo riding bikes to the pub for a pint for things like the splash pad and petting zoo.

As I perused the "Cleveland County Free Premium Fair Guide" I got to thinking that this is an event that hasn't changed much since its inception.  Of course technology plays a small role in some of the changes, but the general concept remains the same.  The gathering of a community to show off bountiful produce, animal husbandry skills, carnivals and live music helped me tap deep down into the country girl that I sometimes long to be.  Our particular fair has been around for 102 years.

Cora was thrilled with the animals and proved she has been studious during all our reviews of animals and their corresponding sounds!  I couldn't believe the beauty and variety of the poultry on display.

I really, REALLY want a chicken coop in our backyard.  Maybe if I ask Rob enough he'll build me and get me some chickens for my next birthday.  I wonder if our labradoodle would try and eat them?

Adorable Pygmy Goats!  They had little ramps set up to get on top of the hay.

As soon as we set her down her little feet stamped up and down in place and she squealed with joy.  Daddy is holding her hand here so she wouldn't be scared, but she knew just what to do. 

This is "some pig".  Unfortunately we didn't see Charlotte.  When Rob took me to the theater to see the movie, you would not believe how much I cried (although not as much as with the book).

Sweet Mini Donkey.

You would have thought this lawn chair hung the moon!

The bunny looks thrilled, huh?  She was pretty gentle but I think the little sweetie was nervous so we put him back in his cage.  Sometime I'll have to tell you about my pet rabbit Patti that died the day before Easter one year.  Sigh.

Silence of the Lambs?

I loved this moment.  The sun was streaming in the big barn doors and she really wanted to play in the dirt

Another highlight...Daddy snagged a balloon from one of the exhibitors.  What is it about balloons?

Before heading home we meandered over to the carnival side of things.  I figured that we wouldn't be able to ride anything, but it turns out that kiddos over 24" tall can ride the carousel with their parents.  All the excited kiddos picked their favorite horse and then......the carnie couldn't get it going, so she tried to manually jump start it with her own hands, but turns out there was a belt failure.  Bummer!

So we got our tickets back and hit the moon bounce instead.  She saw the strawberries out the window and headed straight for them!

We may try to go back in the next few days to ride the "ponies".  Unfortunately, Cora is already walking which makes her ineligible for the Baby Crawling Races to be held tomorrow, but we may still have to see it. 


  1. Courtney and Rob, what precious moments! Thanks for letting us savor them as well.

    Mom and Dad

  2. Love the pic of Cora and the bunny!

  3. So cute. We hit the county fair by our house, and the pygmy goats were definitely a highlight for us too!