Thursday, September 9, 2010

Didn't Kill it All

I haven't given an update on the garden in a while.  I can happily report that the only thing that didn't produce anything were my two eggplants (which would have been devastating but another gardening friend sent some delicious ones my way...along with potatoes, carrots, mustard greens, lettuce galore, okra, and the list continues).  We jumped into gardening not knowing too much; I was especially skeptical of packing so much into such a small space, but it worked!  

Here are a few progressive shots. 

It is certainly an exercise in controlled chaos and it looked much more sprightly before a torturous August tested the gumption of all of my plants, BUT, we grew things, we ate them, we felt like gardeners.  Also, the flowers in residence have been entertaining butterfly house guests all summer, in turn, entertaining us. 

This was certainly a birthday gift that keeps on giving.  Thanks, Rob!

I don't have many harvest pics, but here is one that includes a rather delicious melon.  My mom told me that I would know the melons were ripe when they simply fell of the vine when picked up, and she was right!  We enjoyed several cantaloupe and this is something I will definitely plant again.  I had no idea if the melon vines would take over everything like tyrants, but instead they sweetly cohabited with the other plants meandering into their empty spots.  I didn't even attempt to get them to grow vertically.

Our first garden was just small enough to give us a little confidence to expand what we plant next year.  We should probably start planning new beds now.  Thanks to the electric company taking out eight red buds in our backyard, we now have additional sunny options for plots.

We'll still get a few more goodies out of the garden.  Here is a blushing bell and also a melon hoping to gain its full stature.

One of my favorite gardening moments was when Cora plucked her own tomato and ate the whole thing while I searched for ripened treasures.  The juice running down her chin was priceless and the delight in her eyes precious.  Looking forward to another growing season next year.

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  1. I am proud of your gardening efforts and the wonderful results. I hope you continue with your gardening plans for Cora's sake. So many children don't even know the true taste of vegetables due to the genetic modifications to increase production at the cost of taste and nutrition. Keep gardening.