Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A New Oasis

After discovering that the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser no longer works in removing the ick from our aged bathtub, we caved and decided it was time for a few updates.  After first moving into our house we gave our bathroom a mini-makeover and stymied up a "work with whatcha' got" attitude that has lasted approximately four years.  The "charming" grey and maroon wall tile coupled with a pepto pink floor was murder on the eyes at times, but moreover, the wear and tear of 60 years was starting to get to my "I like things to be at least decently clean" spirit. 

On Monday our contractors came over and got to work so incredibly fast that I didn't even get to take proper before pictures and I can't really think of any that we already have (except one that Rob might have snuck which involved me using the laptop during a time I'd rather not share with the internet).  By Monday evening the demo was complete which is no small feat considering the amount of tile that had to be removed.  There is something to be said about old construction, they knew how to firmly secure things for the ages!

Since our little 1950's gem only came with one and half baths we were left with the dilemma of where we would wash up each day.  In the future we would love to convert the powder room in the master bedroom to a 3/4 bath, but for now those are just dreams.  Let me introduce you to our new outdoor oasis compliments of Rob's parents.  It has all the amentities one could ever need.  We wonder why we didn't go to this sooner and why we even need a nice indoor bathroom?

I do want to throw out a shout out to all our wonderful neighborhood homies that offered up their washroom digs, but hey, this outdoor thing is fun. 

You see, this one has natural stone floors.

Awesome views with tons of natural light.

And one of those fancy-schmancy rain shower heads!

Maybe we're a little brazen for showering in the backyard (or crazy) but it is pretty refreshing.  Just like an Irish Spring commercial!  The other morning the whole family went out back (don't worry, we didn't all shower together) and Rob played with Cora on the swings while I freshened up and then we swapped.  Not only was it refreshing but it was definitely a good laugh.

The downside to not having a bathtub occured on Wednesday night.  Rob and I were indoctrinated into the world of "projectile" and it wasn't pretty.  Cora didn't really have an appetite (which is rare) and when Rob picked her up to hold her she just let loose.  It was a total shock to all and poor Rob got creamed!  Just as she had settled down and I was about to take her from him she let loose with another which hit me.  Poor baby girl.  This was truly some real life exorcist stuff. 

We were running around trying to figure out just what to do and keep the dog out of it.  All the dinner dishes were stacked up in the sink and we had no bathtub to plunk her down in.  I quickly cleared the sink and was ready for action.  We bathed Cora there the night before so we had all the accoutrements at hand. 

So far she seems to be OK and I am praying for no other incidents in the night.  It was just terrible, not because of the mess or the smell, though that was pretty awful, but because of the scared look on her face and knowing that she must not feel well.  We're moving into a new era parenthood.



  1. Welcome to the never-ending new experiences of parenthood. Ron use to take the boys out back and hose them off. I hope you ALL are doing better tonight.

    PS - Next experience? When she learns to take off her diaper.

    Luv yall
    Mom & Dad

  2. Terry is right. Kids can always come up with new and exciting ways to shake up your life. Sounds like you are handling things well. Hope your bathroom is complete soon and that Cora Bird is over whatever was making her woozy. Your right the mess is trivial to your concern for your children. It never changes. Brace yourself.

  3. I remember one time it was so bad with one of our babies we had to bury the diapers (REAL CLOTH). That was years ago. Be thankful you were at home.