Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's a Vicious Cycle

I'll admit, lately I've been a t-o-t-a-l blog slacker.  It's not for lack of material, oh no.  This beautiful Season has been chock full of wonderful things that I'd like to remember for the rest of my days.  I suppose I've just been living them rather than trying to document them all, not to mention I've gotten really far behind.  Plus, I tend to go into hibernation mode during the winter and my motivation and productivity seem to have taken a little vacation....I hope they come back soon. 

I would love to do a full 2010 recap, or tell you all about goals for 2011 and even share all the details from our Christmas celebrations.  But let's be honest, I'm too far behind and it is already January 4.  Hi, Mom!  Happy Birthday...I love you!   

So, how about some incoherent snippets in pictures?  Here we go!
Cora met dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum the same night she met Santa.  She took to the dinos better than Old Saint Nick.

Cora was in her first program and did a lovely job shaking Jingle Bells.  I think we are going to be hearing "Gee Ba Bahhhs" for a very long time to come.

My spectacular husband made our house look splendid.

The whole family was in the Christmas parade with my husband's junior cycling team RAD RACING.  Cora and I rode the bus and Rob and the dog walked along with the riders.  The dog was a huge hit with the crowd.

An AWESOME present from Grandma and Grandpa.

We do a lot of this at our house, but cuddling with Yeti is especially nice in the winter.

Santa brought some great stuff.  Cora loves this stroller.

What a beautiful doll from Grammy and Popo.  She is especially interested in dressing and undressing it but her motor skills aren't quite refined enough yet.  I sure am getting a lot of practice at it!

First tea parties happened over Christmas.  Isn't her hat lovely?  It is actually a wrap around neck massager she fell in love with.

Quality time with Great Momo.  So happy she got to spend time with both her Great Grandparents.  They mean so much to me and I know they will to her.
These two are serious buddies, which just makes my heart sing!  Cora is learning how to "play" with the dog and he doesn't even flinch at all the "attention" she gives him.

Blessed to have lots of family cuddle time.  Yes, the dog is a full fledged family member.

There it is...a truly inadequate wrap-up of our holidays but my heart will never forget how wonderful they were.

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