Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Year

When I snapped the first picture of Cora in this chair it was my intent to capture a shot of her in it each month.  So much for good intentions, right?  I did well in the beginning, but as she became more mobile, it sort of fell by the wayside.  However, I think this series of pictures does show her incredibly growth and development of the last year.  Even though there are 12 pics here, a few were taken in the same month. The late spring is where I kind of left off until July.     

Such a big girl now!


  1. So precious! Congratulations and happy birthday to that sweet girl!

  2. Hi Courtney!
    Love the pictures! I left a couple of belated birthday gifts with Mother to give to Terry the next time she sees her. Hope you and Cora Mae like them. One is a little old for Cora Mae now but I have looked at it for months and just had to get it for her. You know how it is when the urge overcomes you and you say "okay now is the time".

    Aunt Jackie