Friday, March 5, 2010

Can you feel the bliss?

I'm not sure I even need to describe why this little scene right here makes me brim with joy, or that I can even find the appropriate words to do it.  Maybe it's the downy soft hair on that precious little head that tickles my nose as I try to inhale all the sweet scent of baby that I can.  Maybe it's the fringey eyelashes rimming her soulful eyes with neverending curiosity.  Perhaps it is her impossibly soft, pure skin and those tiny fingers and toes.  I've always thought it funny that people said they wanted to gobble their babies up...but my oh my, I could just gobble her up!

I know what it is, it is the fact that she is a beautiful expression of love in this world where sometimes love is hard to find.


  1. Hi Courtney! Goodness I haven't seen you in forever. I've been reading your blogs and have thoroughly enjoyed them. Your baby is sooooo precious.

    If you ever have some time you can jump on our blog and see the kiddos....

    Your family is so beautiful!!!!

  2. good she be any cuter? nope.

  3. She looks like she is saying Ahhhhh.

  4. Oh I could just gobble her up too!!! Just precious! I bet Peg is head over heals for her!