Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Listless February

What is it about February? I find myself wanting to hibernate until tulips and daffodils forge their gritty path to open air. I suppose it could be the short days...although I know they're getting longer, or the lack of a decent tomato for miles around.

My running shoes stare at me from the corner wondering when they will hit the pavement again. I can't peel myself from the sheets for an early morning dark run, or even a walk, and by the time everything is finished up in the evening, I just want to ride the couch. I NEED to move my body and to feel fresh air on my face but am having a hard time getting out the door. I NEED some motivation. A little bit of sunshine would be a good start...sigh.

Soon Cora and I will take the good old BOB for a cruise around the block. Subtle hints of spring will speckle winter's blase' canvas. Surprise blooms will beckon at every corner, fleeting in their beauty. Overnight, chlorophyll will color nature's blanket technicolor green and all this listlessness will fade to make room for renewed energy.


  1. It is funny you have some of the same feelings as those of us east of the Mississippi.