Monday, November 15, 2010

One of Those Perfect Days

Do you ever have days when everything is perfect?  Especially when it's just another ordinary day?  One of those days where you don't really have firm plans but everything falls into place as if scripted to be memorable?  OK, you get the point, we had a great day! 

Saturday morning we started the day with a run through dazzling fall scenery.  The leaves in Oklahoma have been teasing us for weeks but are just now really on fire.  Crisp air added extra energy to my stride and for the first time in months it felt GOOD to run.  

Our run was followed by a leisurely family breakfast and playtime around the house.  Nothing remarkable but still just perfect in every way.  After Cora's nap we decided it would be a good day to head to the zoo.  It was both mine and Cora's first time (sometimes I'm a little weird about zoos).  We skipped watching OU football for gazing at magnificent mammals, beautiful birds, and humble herps.  Since most Oklahomans were glued to college football we almost had the place to ourselves.  This little video sums up how Cora felt about everything at the zoo.

Zoo from Courtney Green on Vimeo.

Our first stop was a special exhibit just for children that included the petting of precious, tiny goats.  Cora was enamored with them as well as donkeys, sheep, piggies and rabbits. 

After goats we saw agile spider monkeys (their movements make me jealous) and fancy flamingos.  Then we went in a special "room" with friendly lorikeets.  Extending a limb was an open invitation for friends and even Cora got the hang of it.

  I didn't get many pictures because I really wanted to see things through my own eyes.  The late afternoon sunlight filtering through blazing leaves cast a lovely glow on all the exhibits.  Among other things we saw were rhinos, grizzlies, black bear, white tailed deer, lions, otters, snakes, owls (Rob's favorite) bats, eagles, elk, foxes, wolves, and HUGE tortoises.  Unfortunately the only elephant we saw in the pachyderm exhibit was this bronze one, but Cora didn't care because she got to ride it.

There is something about being so close to such powerful animals that takes your breath away.  This lovely lady sauntered right up to the glass and paused face to face.  I couldn't tell what was in her eyes and maybe that's why I a bit ambivalent about zoos.

The last exhibit we saw was the primate exhibit (my favorite).  The gorillas and orangutans were fascinating.  They captivated Cora and she observed them for the longest time.  Unfortunately we had to tear ourselves away prematurely as the zoo was closing, but there is more to go back and see. 

We finished our perfect evening with a trip to Pops on Route 66, a cool convenience station (with kicking burgers and sodas) that is a throwback to mid century architecture and so much fun.While waiting on a table we checked out the sites and enjoyed a beautiful sunset as a bookend to our perfect day.  I washed my burger down with a birch beer while Rob enjoyed a kumquat soda (milk for Cora).

We drove home drunk on the joy and peace of the day (while also slurping a chocolate milkshake to-go).  I know that everyday has snippets of perfect here and there, but I am very thankful for this EXCEPTIONAL day.

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  1. Cora you have very special parents. They really drink up every moment with you and allow the rest of us to enjoy your journey in life. I can't wait for the next entry.
    I Love You,