Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Baby's First Christmas

Has our child's first Christmas already come and gone? Sometimes the days seem so slow, but the years are way too fast. I find that I am already clinging to Cora's baby stage because it will be gone before I know it. Sigh.

Our first Christmas with Cora was amazing. We loved having an extra stocking on the fireplace mingling with ours. Cora was intrigued by the lights on the tree and wanted to touch all of the ornaments. The delicate way in which she investigates objects with her hands is amazing to me. She is into different textures and you can see the wheels turning as her tiny fingers explore.

We drove to Alabama for a week long vacation at my Momo and Popo's house. Cora met her great-grandparent's for the first time and we were joined by my parents and my brother's family. Cora didn't mind the 12 hour drive or a completely new environment a bit. While we were away, we missed the epic Oklahoma blizzard but were able to live vicariously through the news, the weather channel, and updates from our friends. I think there are still some piles of snow hanging on. Cora also cut her first two teeth on the trip, her bottom middles. They look like two little pearls.

I'm fairly certain that both Momo and Popo were smitten with Cora. I know that my grandparents loved me dearly when I was a tiny baby and it was amazing to see them now love my baby. For years I've made the journey to Alabama to spend time with family; the trip never gets old. There are always the same familiar things to return to even though there is also change.

Babies must be born with an instinct for opening presents because Cora dove right in to tearing the paper off packages. She received some fun and beautiful gifts! The handmade "bed bug" that Grammy gave her is now her "lovey" at night time. She loves to bang on the piano that Uncle Wes and Aunt Shannon gave her, and her new wooden toys from Great Momo and Popo are tops.
We couldn't have had a better time with family. On the drive home, Rob and I spent a lot of time talking about our desires for our own family life and family traditions we would like to start. We were so engrossed in our deep conversation that we may have veered off the correct path home a little, but I wouldn't trade that time of sharing ideas for the lost time on the road.

All in all, a magical and amazing Christmas.

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